Emma Marshburn, Education

Marshburn finds co-teaching experience rewarding through final project

Emma Marshburn

Emma Marshburn

Emma Marshburn can attest that a freshman year class can introduce students to faculty members that will have a formative influence throughout their time at East Carolina University.

The education major met Dr. Maureen Grady, College of Education associate professor, through her first math education course. Seeing the structure that Grady incorporated into her classes inspired Marshburn, an Honors College student.

“When she suggested that I could co-teach a class with her for my signature honors project, I jumped at the opportunity,” Marshburn said.

During the fall 2021 semester, Marshburn worked with Grady on planning a statistics course for preservice math teachers that they taught together in spring 2022.

“Dr. Grady was beyond intentional with her support and encouragement throughout this process,” she said. “She has gone above and beyond by investing her time in me to help me find who I am as an educator and a researcher.”

Her project has inspired Marshburn to pursue her master’s at ECU with the eventual goal of teaching at a community college or university.

She has also been able to connect with other educators through conference experiences, such as the National Association for Co-Teaching, which she attended this October with Grady to present their findings.

“Working with Dr. Grady has greatly influenced my growth as an educator,” Marshburn said. “She has taught me that you do not have to be infallible to be an excellent educator. Respecting your students and fostering an encouraging learning environment in your class is what really makes an excellent educator.”