Pitt County ABC Board supports ECU alcohol education initiatives

East Carolina University has received a $50,000 grant from the Pitt County ABC Board to support alcohol education initiatives on campus. The grant is part of an ongoing partnership between ECU and the Pitt County ABC Board that began in 2008. With the most recent grant, the Pitt County ABC Board has awarded more than $350,000 to ECU for alcohol education.

“We are grateful to the Pitt County ABC Board for its continued support of our alcohol education initiatives,” said Dr. LaNika Wright, associate vice chancellor for health and well-being at ECU. “This funding will allow us to continue to educate our students about the risks of alcohol abuse and help them make responsible decisions about alcohol consumption.”

ECU’s alcohol education initiatives are designed to reduce underage drinking and alcohol abuse among students. These initiatives include:

  • Alcohol education workshops and seminars on topics such as the effects of alcohol on the body, the dangers of underage drinking and responsible drinking strategies.
  • Peer-to-peer education programs that train students to educate their peers about the risks of alcohol abuse and help them make responsible decisions about alcohol consumption.
  • Social media campaigns that reach students with information about alcohol education and prevention such as the dangers of drunk driving, the importance of drinking responsibly and the resources available to students who need help with substance use disorder.
  • Bystander intervention training that educates students how to identify and intervene in situations where someone is at risk of alcohol-related harm.
  • Collegiate recovery community that offers support to those who are in or actively seeking recovery and their allies.

“We are committed to providing our students with the resources and information they need to make healthy choices,” said Dr. Brandon Frye, vice chancellor for student affairs at ECU. “Our alcohol education initiatives are an important part of our efforts to create a safe and supportive campus environment for all students.” 

The Pitt County ABC Board is a local government agency that is responsible for the regulation and sale of alcoholic beverages and is committed to supporting alcohol education and prevention efforts in the community.

“We are proud to partner with East Carolina University to support their alcohol education initiatives,” said Adam Sullivan, general manager of the Pitt County ABC Board. “We believe that education is the key to preventing underage drinking and unhealthy use. We are confident that these initiatives will make a positive impact on the lives of East Carolina University students.”

For more information, contact Dr. Keith Tingley with student affairs development at tingleyk@ecu.edu or 252-737-4827.

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