Future dentist Luke Fogarty developed leadership skills through business degree


Name: Luke Fogarty

College: College of Business

Major: Business administration with a concentration in business management, minor in composite natural science  

Age: 21

Classification/Year: Senior

Hometown: Greenville, North Carolina

Hobbies/interests: Traveling, aviation, backpacking, and playing just about every sport

Clubs and Organizations: Musical Empowerment, ECU Club Ultimate Frisbee, many intramural sports teams, Pre-Dental Honors Society, People Helping the Aging Community Thrive, and many more organizations


Favorite hangout: Playing sports with friends followed by a well deserved meal afterwards.

Favorite place on campus: The mall, especially on sunny days

Favorite place to eat: Oh My Gyro!

Favorite class: Biochemistry and managerial negotiation

Professors who influenced you the most: Ms. Tina Williams (College of Business) and Dr. Morehead (Department of Chemistry)

Favorite TV show: “Curb Your Enthusiasm”

Favorite bands/musicians: Avicii

Favorite movie: “Argo”

Favorite superhero: Black Panther


Dream job: Dentist or pilot

Role model: Larry David

What is something cool about ECU that you wish you knew during your first year? ECU provides you with so many opportunities it is almost overwhelming in a good way, so take them on bit by bit!

When senior Luke Fogarty graduates with his Bachelor of Science in business administration, he will think back on East Carolina University as providing “the greatest opportunity for achieving my goals to obtain a business degree and get accepted into dental school.”

Fogarty, a Greenville native, plans to attend the ECU School of Dental Medicine and eventually earn his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree.

“Being from Greenville allowed me to create strong connections with the community when seeking out shadowing opportunities for dental experiences,” Fogarty said. “Most importantly, I had a massive support network through the ECU Honors College, which was extremely beneficial in my progression as an aspiring dentist with a business background.

“I have been passionate about becoming a dentist for the past 10 years, and after having numerous instances of exposure to the dental world through ECU, I have never been more sure about my decision.”

Luke Fogarty said the pillars of the College of Business helped turn him into a leader.

With that decision, Fogarty has taken advantage of the numerous opportunities that ECU, the Honors College and the College of Business (COB) have afforded him. He was awarded the Elmer Haskell EC Scholars Award through the Honors College, inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma, a business honors society, and made both the Dean’s and Chancellor’s Lists during his four years.

Those opportunities have defined a set of values that will affect Fogarty and how he plans to lead his practice.

“I believe the four pillars of the COB are what precisely defines a leader, one that can think, value, communicate and consequently, strongly lead,” Fogarty said. “As a future dentist, I can use these aspects to ensure my efforts positively affect my patients, employees and dental colleagues across the community.”

Additional opportunities provided to Fogarty helped “expand his horizons” when it comes to both future patient care and the care of his future business.

“At ECU, my favorite experiences were taking part in Missions of Mercy Dental Clinics, having the opportunity to study abroad in Brussels, Belgium, through the Honors College and COB, and (learning) how I can utilize my business degree as a medical professional through taking courses such as managerial negotiation and economics of health care,” said Fogarty.”

According to Fogarty, his managerial negotiation professor, Dr. Cody Chullen, opened his eyes to a huge realization.

“Every day, we do hundreds of negotiations,” Fogarty said. “Whether it is negotiating with ourselves when to get out of bed or negotiating with a business partner, negotiations will always be present. Therefore, learning the art of negotiation and understanding how human instinct affects it was truly fascinating.”

Fogarty is a student who others can look up to and follow concerning how to take advantage of opportunities. When asked about any words of wisdom to incoming first-year students, he says don’t let those opportunities pass you by.

“Often, the most positive change will occur for students when they did not have presumptive expectations but approached the situation with innovative curiosity,” Fogarty said.

ECU grad profile Luke Fogarty poses on Wright Fountain with his fellow grad profiles.

Fogarty, center, will join ECU’s School of Dental Medicine after graduation.