Mandatory testing reminder for Campus Living residents; changes in testing

As a part of the Return to Pirate Nation and On-Campus Student Testing Plan, ECU Student Health Services is conducting scheduled surveillance COVID19 testing throughout the spring semester. Each week, 25% of the on-campus resident population will be required to participate in testing. Please check your email for your scheduled day and time.

Student Health Services has transitioned to saliva COVID-19 tests. Due to the sensitivity of these tests, student should not smoke, vape, consume liquids or foods at least 1 hour prior to testing. Failure to abide by these guidelines will result in the student receiving a nasal swab. Due to the limited quantities of tests, students that show up outside of their scheduled time may be subject to a nasal swab and not a saliva test.

Surveillance testing is held in the Main Campus Student Center, Ballroom C on the second floor. Please arrive on your assigned day/time with your ECU 1Card.

The costs associated with testing will be covered by ECU. All residents are required to test unless you are part of another campus testing program or have tested positive in the last 90 days. If you are unable to make your assigned time due to an academic commitment or have questions, please email

Additionally, ECU is conducting wastewater testing to assist with early detection of COVID-19. This method of testing can detect COVID-19 in the wastewater prior to individuals becoming symptomatic. When wastewater testing detects repeated positives in a residence hall, all residents within that hall will be tested as quickly as possible. If your hall is required to take a hall-wide test in the same week as your surveillance test, you will only do one of those tests. If your surveillance test is during a different week than a hall-wide test, you will be required to test as scheduled. Hall-wide testing will be sent directly to you and you should arrive with your ECU 1Card for that testing as well.

Your commitment to the testing effort will help keep you and the ECU community healthy and safe. Thank you and Go Pirates!

—ECU Campus Living COVID Operations