#PiratesProtectPirates by getting COVID-19 tested.

As part of our Return of Pirate Nation safety plan, East Carolina University is offering COVID-19 testing for members of our community, including mandatory ongoing surveillance testing for students living on campus and multiple testing options that are strongly encouraged for other students, faculty and staff.

This testing will help us identify cases sooner, activate contact tracing procedures and isolate and quarantine any individuals who have tested positive to help prevent the spread.

You Don't Need to Study for This Test: Mandatory COVID-19 testing for on-campus residents. Two weeks after move-in, all students living on ampus will be re-tested. Beginning Feb. 15, 25% of students in residence halls will be tested each week, resulting in 100% tested by the end of each month.


Mandatory Testing of On-Campus Residents

Between Feb. 1-3, all students who live on campus will participate in required surveillance testing, conducted by ECU Student Health Services. These students received an email from Campus Living with their assigned time and location for the free test. Students should bring their ECU 1Card.

Testing is required for every on-campus resident unless they are part of another campus testing program (such as athletes) or tested positive in the last 90 days.

Regular testing will continue for Campus Living students throughout spring semester. This effort is geared at reducing transmission and outbreaks. Visit the COVID-19 and Campus Living page for updates.

Determine your testing date and time for the Feb. 1-3 testing based on the letter(s) with which your last name begins below. All testing for these dates will take place in the Main Campus Student Center, Ballroom C.
Testing Time/DayMonday, Feb. 1Tuesday, Feb. 2Wednesday, Feb. 3
9 a.m. to Noon (12 p.m.)A-CEH-LR-S
1-4 p.m.CH-GM-QT-Z

Wastewater Testing from Residence Halls

Another ECU surveillance effort is also underway: wastewater testing from residence halls. This testing can detect COVID-19 before an individual exhibits symptoms. Follow-up diagnostic testing will be conducted with students if any samples come back positive.

Daily Symptom Screening

All community members who come to campus must conduct daily symptom checks regardless of whether they participate in testing, as part of ECU’s community expectations. If you are feeling unwell, stay home.


Testing Thursdays, which began in the fall, continues this spring, beginning Feb. 4.


  • Main Campus Student Center, Ballroom C
  • 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Thursdays

Saliva Testing

  • Testing by collection of saliva in a tube
  • Surveillance test used to detect current active infection
  • Do not eat, drink, smoke or chew anything in the 30 minutes leading up to your appointment
  • Results available in 24 hours
  • Any positives at ECU will then be confirmed with a PCR test

What You Need To Know

  • Testing is by appointment only for individuals who are asymptomatic, have had no past positives or recent known exposures.
  • Effective Thursday, March 11, the saliva test is the only test offered during Testing Thursdays.
  • Anyone who needs a PCR, antigen or antibody test should call SHS at 252-328-6841 to make an individual appointment. 


If you are symptomatic or you have been exposed, call SHS at 252-328-6841 or your primary care provider for an individual appointment.

Types of Tests Offered

  • PCR (or RT-PCR) test
    • Testing by nasopharyngeal swab
    • Used to detect current active infection
    • Highly accurate when collected properly
    • Results available in 24 hours
  • Antigen test
    • Used to detect active infection in symptomatic patients
    • Also called a rapid test
    • Results typically returned in 15-45 minutes
  • Antibody test
    • Testing by blood draw to check for COVID-19 antibodies
    • Used to detect previous infection
    • Results available in 48 hours


What type of testing will ECU provide throughout the spring semester?

ECU requires ongoing surveillance testing for students who live on campus and strongly encourages other members of our community to be regularly tested. Student Health Services provides COVID-19 testing for any student (symptomatic or asymptomatic) who requests a test. For employees who cannot get a test elsewhere, testing will be available on campus. All testing is filed to insurance, with the goal that no one has to pay for a test.

Can anyone who wants a COVID-19 test get tested on campus?

Any ECU student, faculty member or staff member with a valid ECU 1Card can get tested on campus. Testing locations include Main Campus Student Center, Health Sciences Campus Student Center and Student Health Services (all locations require appointments).

Do I need to upload my test results each time I am tested?

If you receive a test at an off-campus location, you must ensure you have received the correct test (molecular or PCR) and submit your results each time you are tested through MyPirateChart or via email to If you receive a test on campus, you do not need to email your results.

Are faculty, staff and students in face-to-face classes part of the required surveillance testing program?

No, unless your department has elected otherwise and has sent you specific instructions to be regularly tested. Students in face-to-face classes who fall into other testing categories (residence halls, athletes, etc.) are required to be tested regularly.

I tested positive as part of the surveillance program. Am I now excluded from surveillance testing?

Yes, for a limited period of time. Following a positive test result and an isolation period, surveillance testing is not required for 90 days.

Where can students, faculty and staff go for surveillance testing off campus?

Testing locations are available across North Carolina. Look up free testing events and test sites throughout the state via NC DHHS Find My Testing Place.

Testing may also be available at local pharmacies, as well as urgent care centers or your doctor’s office. There may be a fee for testing or an office visit at these locations, and proof of insurance may be required.

I am experiencing symptoms. Can I go to a Testing Thursday event to be tested?

For students experiencing symptoms or who believe they may have been exposed to COVID‑19:

  • Do not go to a campus testing location.
  • Immediately:
    • Isolate.
    • Self-report.
    • Contact Student Health for an appointment: 252-328-6841.

For employees who are experiencing symptoms or believe they may have been exposed to COVID‑19, immediately:

  • Isolate.
  • Self-report by calling ECU Prospective Health: 252-744-2070.
  • Get tested and/or contact your primary care provider as appropriate.

This information is subject to change. Last updated: Jan. 28, 2021.