East Carolina University’s podcast, Talk Like a Pirate, explores various topics related to current happenings on campus, across the nation and around the globe.

Hosted by ECU News Services’ Rich Klindworth, TLaP began Sept. 19, 2019, on International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Check out #PirateVoices, Talk Like a Pirate’s sister series, where we showcase ECU’s diversity by amplifying Pirates’ personal stories of searching, seeking treasure and chasing purpose.

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Episode 6: Delta-8 THC and CBD

Delta-8 THC and CBD are all around. In Season 4, Episode 6 of Talk Like a Pirate, a couple of ECU researchers talk about why lax accountability could allow these potentially dangerous products to fall into childrens’ hands.

— July 6, 2023

Episode 5: How Much Screen Time is Good for Kids?

It seems like anymore that toddlers are surprising us with their smartphone, tablet and television knowledge. But is that a good thing? In Season 4, Episode 5 of Talk Like a Pirate, ECU child development expert Sandy Lookabaugh weighs in with some interesting screen time information.

— March 29, 2023

Episode 4: Holiday Music and Writing New Music

It is the holiday season and that means the airwaves are flooded with holiday music. So, on Season 4, Episode 4 of Talk Like a Pirate, we’re joined with two ECU Fletcher School of Music students — Kristi Roller and Brett Howard — to talk about the music of the season and what it takes to write new music.

— Dec. 21, 2022

Episode 3: Healthy Holiday Eating and those Infamous Carbs

Are you eating enough carbs or too many – or skipping meals in order to indulge this holiday season? And what about “added sugar?” We communicate constantly, but not effectively. In Season 4, Episode 3 of Talk Like a Pirate we talk carbs and healthy holiday eating with ECU Dietetic Internship Director and Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Nutrition Science Tara Wind.

— Dec. 1, 2022

Episode 2: I Thought We Were Communicating?

We communicate constantly, but not effectively. However, that is going to change with the help of Season 4 Episode 2 of Talk Like a Pirate. Dr. Pamela Hopkins is the director of ECU’s Center for Communication Excellence. She shares some advice and has some quick tips for you strengthen your communication skills.

— Oct. 26, 2022

Episode 1: Best Masks for a Pandemic

Some say face masks don’t really help when it comes to stopping COVID-19. It’s kind of correct — but not. In Season 4’s first episode of Talk Like a Pirate, a couple of ECU scientists tested face masks and respirators and found out what works in the event of our current and a possible future global pandemic. The results may both surprise you and change your vocabulary.

— Sept. 12, 2022