East Carolina University has developed a Summer 2021 Campus Living reentry testing plan, along with procedures for ongoing testing and how to share vaccination cards with the university.

For information about drop-off and move-in procedures, visit Campus Living’s website.

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March 24 — Updates on mandatory testing for Campus Living residents

March 18 — Planning for Fall 2021: Return to Campus

March 9 — Mandatory testing reminder; changes in testing

For all COVID-19-related updates, visit our updates page.



1. COVID-19 testing must be completed between May 12-16 to be accepted.

2. ECU Student Health Services will provide testing on campus May 17 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

3. If tested off-campus, results must be sent to SHS at by May 16, 2021, for an “all-clear” letter to be generated.

4. Once you receive your all-clear letter, you are cleared to reside in Pirate Nation!

I’m living on campus for Summer 2021. What do I need to know about testing?

  • All students must complete a COVID-19 test prior to returning for the start of classes.
  • Testing must be administered either off-campus between May 12-16 or during Student Health Services (SHS) on-campus move-in testing on May 17. Tests administered prior to these dates will NOT be accepted.
  • Students who provide documentation for a positive test within 90 days prior will be exempt from entry testing.
  • Students who have been fully vaccinated, two weeks post their second dose and have uploaded their vaccine card to myPIRATEchart will NOT need to test.

Where can I get tested?

  • SHS will offer COVID Testing during Summer Move-In:
    • May 17
    • 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
    • Main Campus Student Center, Room 125
  • Unable to make that date?

How do I send my test results?

    • Final test results should be emailed to SHS at from the student’s email account no later than May 16, 2021.
    • Ensure that the documents contain:
      • Full name
      • Type of test
      • Date of test
      • Final results
      • SHS will issue an “All Clear” notice to your myPIRATEchart.

What happens if I do not follow the testing protocols required by the university?

  • Campus Living may not honor the original housing assignment for students who do not submit their results or take a test within the described window.
  • Students must transmit their results no later than May 16, 2021 to to reduce the risk of having their housing arrangements altered.


In partnership with Student Health Services, Campus Living and SHS will test all residents who are not exempt from testing each week of the summer. Students should monitor their email regarding their testing schedule. ECU will cover the cost of testing that is specific for this program.

Another effort is wastewater testing from residence halls, which detects COVID-19 before an individual exhibits symptoms. Follow-up diagnostic testing will occur with students if any samples come back positive.


Students will not be required to participate in this testing program two weeks post their final vaccination for COVID-19. Visit ECU’s Vaccine website for more information about vaccine availability for students.

Students should upload a copy of their vaccination card to myPIRATEchart.

People are considered fully vaccinated:

  • Two weeks after their second dose in a two-dose series, such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or
  • Two weeks after a single-dose vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine.



ECU Campus Living has identified buildings on campus to serve as isolation and quarantine spaces. These buildings have been selected due to their ability to provide housing that reduces contact with other residents and university staff.

Assignment to isolation or quarantine spaces:

When a student residing in Campus Living is diagnosed with or is presumed positive for COVID-19 or has had close contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, residents will be expected to isolate or quarantine and will be contacted by ECU Student Health Services (SHS) and Campus Living COVID-19 Operations Team.

  • When a resident receives the directive from SHS or a local health agency to quarantine or isolate, they will be provided a temporary space within designated facilities.
  • For the duration of the directive, the resident will not be allowed to exit the facility except for a medical emergency or facility/fire emergency.
  • ECU staff members will have ongoing communication with residents during isolation or quarantine and will provide meals.
  • SHS will continue monitoring their COVID-19 status and provide or refer the student for any necessary medical assistance.

What to expect if you are placed in isolation or quarantine housing:

  • Students will engage in a discussion with the university COVID-19 On-Campus Operations Team consisting of Student Health Services, the Dean of Students Office and Campus Living to best determine the students needs.
  • SHS will notify Campus Living of the need for isolation/quarantine hosing for the on-campus student.
  • Campus Living will send a detailed email from the to the on-campus student informing them of their next steps in with process. This will include:
    • Students Directive to Isolate/Quarantine
    • Contact Information for On-Call and Emergency Services
    • Specific Temporary Room Assignment
    • Dining Information
    • ECU Transit Information (If needed)
  • Residents should complete the Self-Disclosure Form for Student Health Services and Dean of Students.

Dining while in isolation or quarantine housing:

ECU Dining has worked to develop menu options for students residing in isolation or quarantine housing. Prior to entering isolation or quarantine, the student’s meal plan will be deactivated to ensure they are not using the dining facility. The student will sign-up for specific meal requests through information provided in their email communication upon entry. Students will be provided with a prepared meal bag prior to moving into isolation or quarantine.

All on-campus isolation/quarantine residence halls are equipped with a microwave and refrigerator for storing and preparing meals. Fresh deliveries will be made to students at lunch and at dinner time. The dinner delivery will include a breakfast meal for the following morning.

Students must review their dining preferences and the upcoming days menus and submit by 5 p.m. for the following day. Students who need more assistance with specific dietary needs or requests should contact

Students in quarantine/isolation housing are allowed to receive delivery from local restaurants but deliveries to all on-campus rooms must be contactless and within the set timeframe contained within the entry email.

Completing Isolation or Quarantine:

At the time that a student is no longer in need of residing in isolation or quarantine, a member of Student Health Services will contact the student and provide them with a clearance directive. At that time, SHS will alert Campus Living to provide further exit information, including transportation, if needed.

For more information, please refer to the university’s Coronavirus Updates website or the Return of Pirate Nation website.