Taylor Greene

Taylor GreeneFor 18-year-old Taylor Greene, East Carolina University and the Brinkley-Lane Scholars program represent opportunities — for academic and extracurricular activities, for travel and for connections.

“I chose ECU because everyone I talked to, throughout the application and decision process, was genuinely invested in my education and future,” she said. “Of all the colleges I toured, ECU was the only one to provide the resources of a large school while still connecting with me as a person and student on an individual level.

“Before even starting my first year as a Brinkley-Lane Scholar, I’ve formed connections with staff and upperclassmen with such unique insights that have helped me in making decisions about college and careers.”

The daughter of Doug and Tracy Greene of Mooresville, she attended Pine Lake Preparatory, where she was a member of the graphic design club and founded the animation club, as well as advocating for LGBTQ+ students and completing numerous AP and dual enrollment classes.

“While animation is my greatest passion, I enjoy nearly all the arts that I’ve tried,” Greene said. “For example, I enjoy whittling little animal figures, sculpting with clay, acrylic and oil painting, digital illustration, embroidery — I’ve even dabbled in bookbinding and loved it.”

She plans to major in art, with a focus on animation and interactive design, and to pursue study abroad opportunities, internships and career paths related to the field. At ECU, she’s interested in the Figure Skating Club, Animation Guild, Club Yoga and the Dr. Jesse R. Peele LGBTQ Center.

“I hope to study abroad whenever I can, and I’ve considered many places with and without a significant English speaking population,” she said. “Japan and South Korea have interested me as global powerhouses of animation, and I believe I’d be a more well-rounded animator and global citizen afterward. There are animation studios around the world though, from Canada to Ireland to Australia, and I’d be open to going anywhere that could provide industry experience.”

Brinkley-Lane Scholars is the most prestigious undergraduate award program offered at ECU. The four-year merit scholarship recognizes outstanding academic performance, commitment to community engagement and strong leadership skills. Recipients receive a fully funded education, covering the cost of tuition, fees, room and board for both in-state and out-of-state students and unique high impact experiences, as well as the ability to explore the world with a $5,000 study abroad stipend. Scholars benefit from access to an array of leadership opportunities, research with award-winning faculty and a robust alumni network.

Before heading to ECU this fall, Greene plans to spend the summer as a counselor at art camps, taking a community college biology class, working at a local ice rink, and honing her software and technology skills.

“I’ll also spend as much time as I can petting and playing with my dogs and cat, because I know I’ll miss them a lot when I’m on campus,” she said.

After college, Greene said she’d like to work for an animation studio, video game development team or live television.

“My favorite part of the animation process is the storyboarding and concept development phase,” she said. “I love figuring out stories.”

As a Brinkley-Lane Scholar, she’ll have the next few years to write the next chapter of her own story.

“Of all the colleges I toured, ECU was the only one to provide the resources of a large school while still connecting with me as a person and student on an individual level.”

High school: Pine Lake Preparatory

Intended major: Art

Hometown: Mooresville

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