Student: Elena Uzun

Why not?

That’s the can-do attitude that Elena Uzun took on when she asked herself if she wanted to pursue an MBA degree from East Carolina University and the Thomas D. Arthur Graduate School of Business.

Elena Uzun, a native of the Republic of Moldova, has made a new home at East Carolina University.

Elena Uzun, a native of the Republic of Moldova, has made a new home at East Carolina University.

“When I asked myself whether or not to advance my education, I had only one answer: ‘Why not?’” said Uzun, who is from Cairaclia, Republic of Moldova.

That can-do spirit toward bettering her education has always been with Uzun. It helped her obtain two associate degrees from Pitt Community College (PCC) and to continue her education in Greenville, North Carolina, her new hometown and home to East Carolina University.

Besides being in her adopted hometown, Uzun chose ECU because of its diversity.

“When visiting campus, I could hear individuals speak different languages, which made me feel at ease,” said Uzun, who also liked the variety of majors that were available to her. “ECU, the College of Business and its business program have high national rankings. Therefore, again, it only made sense to choose the university in my new hometown.”

Uzun graduated in the fall of 2022 with a BSBA in management. Uzun credits her success to the advisors she established relationships with at PCC and ECU’s College of Business.

“The advisors were always ready to answer my questions and offer guidance and perspectives,” Uzun said. “They were genuinely happy to see me succeed.”

Experiences matter

When deciding whether to continue her education, she answered another “why not” question by reflecting on her experiences with faculty and the student support services found in the COB.

“Their commitment, readiness to help, being non-biased and not having any prejudices helped me gain confidence and the encouragement to keep going,” Uzun said.

“The advisors and the professors at ECU (and the College of Business) are always open to help, offer advice, and equip students with all the tools needed to succeed. All one must do is put in the hard work.”

Uzun, who currently works at ECU’s School of Dental Medicine, is currently pursuing her Arthur MBA online with the goal of graduating in 2024.

After that, she’s not quite sure.

“If all goes well, I am open to continuing my education and pursuing a Ph.D.,” Uzun said. “Lately, this thought has been coming to my mind more often.”

Based on her undergraduate and current graduate experiences, it should come as no surprise that when she contemplates whether or not to pursue her doctorate degree, her response could be very familiar.

Why not?

This Pirate asks: why not?


Name: Elena Uzun

College: College of Business

Major: MBA

Age: 39

Classification/Year: Graduate student

Hometown: Cairaclia, Moldova

Hobbies/interests: Crocheting


Favorite hangout: My house

Favorite place to eat: Ford + Shep

Favorite class: Managerial negotiations with Kent Alipour

Professor who influenced you the most: Mitchell Butts, professor and humanities coordinator, Pitt Community College

Favorite TV shows: “White Collar” and “The Blacklist”

Favorite movie: “Hunter Killer”

Favorite app: TikTok


Dream job: Still figuring it out.

Role models: I don’t have one role model. Instead, I prefer to notice, select, modify, and apply to my life the best qualities of the individuals I am surrounded by.

Your words to live by: “Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently.”

What is something cool about ECU that you wish you knew during your first year? The academic advisors and the professors at this large university are as invested in students’ success as the advisors and professors in a high school or a community college. They actually want to see one win.