Pass/Fail Option for Fall 2020

The university continues to adapt to the rapidly changing circumstances that the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19, present to us individually and as a campus community. It has been a week since moving our courses to alternative delivery methods, and we are grateful for your work to implement that change. We understand that it may cause some uncertainty and anxiety for students as we finish the fall semester.

To help alleviate those concerns we are implementing an Emergency Grading Accommodation for the Fall 2020 semester (block 1, block 2, 15-week).

  • Beginning today, Sept. 2, ECU will implement the pass/fail option to undergraduate students.
    • Courses graded as pass/fail under this exception will count towards applicable curricular, major, continuation and graduation requirements.
  • A grade of pass/fail will not count toward a student’s GPA but will count toward earned semester hours.
  • All academic transcripts will have a note added to Fall 2020 indicating the major disruption the coronavirus pandemic has caused to the academic experience.
  • As of today, the pass/fail option is only for undergraduate students.
  • Students are strongly advised to speak with an advisor before making the decision to declare a class pass/fail.

More details on implementing the Emergency Grading Accommodation will be available as soon as the process is in place.

Please visit the ECU coronavirus website for the most up-to-date guidance for the university community.