ECU COVID-19 Self-Reporting Form

ECU Student Health Services has initiated a “COVID-19 Self-Reporting Form” for current ECU students via PiratePort.

The form, when submitted by the student, notifies ECU Student Health Services to enable follow up.

We are asking that currently enrolled ECU students submit the “COVID-19 Self-Reporting Form” if they meet any of the following in the last 14 days:

  • Have been diagnosed by a medical provider with COVID-19
  • Are under instructions to self-isolate for suspected COVID-19 infection
  • Have been advised to self-quarantine due to an exposure to COVID-19

This process is intended to:

  • Help students report illness/monitoring/exposure and to notify instructors
  • Generate an email confirmation of the report of illness/monitoring/exposure
  • Reduce exposure to well students, faculty, and staff
  • Help assess the scope of COVID-19 infection among current ECU students
  • Help the university track ill students and provide follow up care if needed
  • Provide additional information on COVID-19 and a link to the ECU Student Health Website

This process was developed for the reporting of COVID-19 illness/monitoring/exposure. In order to preserve the integrity of, and confidence in this system, it may not be used to report any other types of illness or injury.

Students filling out this form will be contacted by a member of ECU Student Health Services to discuss details and follow up regarding the report of COVID-19 illness/monitoring/exposure.

NOTE: Misuse of the reporting site may violate the Code of Student Conduct and could result in university disciplinary action.