ECU has established eight planning teams to consider the public health requirements needed to reopen on-campus in Fall 2020. This fundamentally involves safely bringing approximately 33,000 people onto a campus with 7.2 million square feet under roof. While portrayed as mutually exclusive, the categories of planning actually overlap and intersect in many ways. In addition, any “return” requirements will be informed by federal, state and UNC guidance/restrictions.

Each team is expected to produce a document (15 pages maximum) that includes two key components: (a) review of the data (international, national, state, ECU), regulations and relevant literature and (b) a set of recommendations that derive (as best practices) from the review contained in part (a). This format makes explicit our promise to base our re-opening on the best data and research available. These eight reports form the raw material for a comprehensive statement to be reviewed and then recommended to the Chancellor by Executive Council. Drafts of team reports are due for review by EC on May 22, 2020.

Planning Teams


Cabinet Lead(s): Grant Hayes
Angela Anderson (AA), Dee Bowling (AF), Alex Keddie (ATHL), Jeff Popke (HCAS), Heidi Terry (GRAD), Bill McCartney (HOUS), Cyndi Bellacero (IPAR), Julie Poorman (AID), Chris Buddo, Mary Farwell, Beverly King, Jules Norwood (UCOMM), Patrice Goldmon (OUC), Dr. Paul Lindauer (SODM)

Key topics: literature, NC guidance, UNC guidance, start-end dates, accelerated (block) scheduling, exceptions, communications, billing alignment, unit & faculty implementation …

Experiential Learning

Cabinet Lead(s): Mike Van Scott
Will Eblin (CAHS), Annette Peery (CON), Robert Carels (HCAS), Vivian Covington (COE), Anisa Zvonkovic (HHP), Paul Gemperline (GRAD), Rob Carroll (BSOM), Ronnie Bell (PH), Linc Conn (SODM), Tom Halasz (CAREER), Brittany Thompson (CFAC), Scott Snead (CET), Matt Smith (UCOMM), Amanda Williams and Jenny McKellar (OUC), Susan Morrissey (IPAR)

Key topics: federal framework (OSHA), NC guidance UNC guidance, risk assessment, approval process, forms, waiver, communications, …

COVID-19 Testing

Cabinet Lead(s): Mark Stacy
Jean-Luc Scemama (BIOL), Eric Bailey (ANTH & PH), Diane Campbell (BSOM Infectious Disease), Jay Fallon (BSOM PATH), Laura Gantt (CON), Yolanda Holt (CAHS), Karen Kus (COB), Ramiro Murata (SODM), Mark Newell (BSOM SURG), Roger Russell (LIBR), Carol Wilson (SHC), Rob Spahr (UCOMM VIDANT Rep), Amanda Williams (OUC), Kristen Dreyfus and Jeanette Morris (IPAR)

Key topics: federal guidance (CDC), NC and UNC guidance, viral (swab), serology (blood), re-entry requirement (all?), re-entry logistical plan, targeted testing, random sampling, HIPAA & FERPA regulations, best practice, testing operations (ECUP, Vidant, SHC) and collaboration, …

COVID-19 Tracing

Cabinet Lead(s): Mark Stacy
Charleen McNeill (CON), Alethia Cook (HCAS), Emma Goldberg (SGA), Mike Hanley (ATHL), David Holder (BSOM PEDS), Suzanne Lea (BSOM PH), Zach Loch (CIO), Tom McConnell (GRAD), Harry Ploehn (ENGR), John Silvernail (PITT), Paul Toriello (CAHS), Lanika Wright (SHC), Chris Ulffers (MUSC), Wanda Wright (SODM), Lucky Xue (COB), Anisa Zvonkovic (HHP), Natalie Sayewich (UCOMM, VIDANT Rep), Jenny McKellar (OUC), Kristen Dreyfus and Jeanette Morris (IPAR)

Key topics: contact tracing (residence, classrooms), labor intensive approaches, technological approaches (including temperature surveillance), privacy issues (federal & state, HIPAA, FERPA), reporting and communications, …

Facility Use

Cabinet Lead(s): Virginia Hardy and Grant Hayes
Mark Sanders (ALS), Jason Yao (CET), Crystal Baity (UCOMM), Jody Newsome (OUC), Griffin Avin (HSOPS), Angela Anderson (AA), Bill Bagnell (OPS), Erik Kneubuehl (SA), Chris Lysaght (PT), JJ McLamb (ATHL), Waz Miller (HOUS), Edu Leorri Soriano (HCAS), Dawn Pilgrim-Dunn and Ying Zhou (IPAR)

Key topics: health and safety framework (CDC, OSHA, DHHS, NIOSH), housing occupancy, dining approaches (take out), social distancing & class size, hybrid formats, assigned seating, class size and DE, disinfecting protocols, gatherings, conferences, non-academic, athletic facilities, hallways, pathways, monitoring and regulating, quarantine capability, communications (behavioral expectations for students and employees), FERPA & HIPAA, …

External Engagement

Cabinet Lead(s): Chris Dyba and Jon Gilbert
Puri Martinez (FLL), Jon Rezek (OGA), Jody Newsome (OUC), Erin Ward (UCOMM), Ryan Robinson (ATHL), Scott Francis (ALUM), Nicole Stokes (ADV), Lauren Thorn (DOS), Stephanie Whaley (ADMIT), Michelle Brooks (HS), Kim Stokes (PA), Dawn Pilgrim-Dunn and Ying Zhou (IPAR)

Key topics: CDC, NC and UNC guidance, university sponsored travel (Admissions, Advancement, Recruitment), university visitors, campus tours, arriving packages, study abroad, city relations, county relations, campus meetings (Alumni, BOV, Town/Gown), …


Cabinet Lead(s): Sara Thorndike
Elizabeth Bryant (CON), Bill Koch (EHS), Kevin Carraway (MM), Chad Spruill (Pro HLTH), Dr. Troy Sluder (SODM), Ellen Goldberg (SHC), Denise Donica (OCCH), Beverly King and Danny Barreiro-Talbert (IPAR), Ken Buday (UCOMM), Mary Griffin Inscoe (OUC), Martha Dartt (ECUP), Carl Thorell (HKPG)

Key topics: Guidance on environmental health from (CDC, OSHA, NIOSH, DHHS), coordination with UNC procurement plan, cleaning and disinfecting protocols, mask requirements for varying categories (health center, public safety, other faculty/staff, students, …), demand forecast, procurement and inventory control, other PPE requirements (gloves, gowns), communications and training …

HR and Risk Management

Cabinet Lead(s): Sara Thorndike and Paul Zigas
Marlena Rose (LAUPUS), Kitty Wetherington (HR), Kristina Simeonsson (PEDS), Susan Chapman (SA), LaKesha Forbes (OED), Wendy Sergeant (AA), Beverly King and Danny Barreiro-Talbert (IPAR), Jamie Smith (UCOMM), Bill Koch (EHS), Wayne Poole (IA), Angela Anderson (AA), Amanda Williams (OUC), Meagan Kiser (OUC), Dan Blumberg (HR), Sara Lilley (HR)

Key topics: Federal regulations (Family First), Guidance from NC and UNC for regulatory reform and required flexibility, furlough provisions, progressive approaches to furloughs, RIF provisions, equity issues, procedure for identifying and accommodating at-risk employees and students, notifications and communications, employee requirements and behavioral expectations …