Emergency Grading and Academic Record Notations due to COVID-19

As a result of the unusual circumstances surrounding the coronavirus, COVID-19, and the transition of face to face courses to the online environment, a new option for students will be available for the Spring Semester 2020. At this time, this is the only academic term that this will apply to — any extensions of the emergency grading provision will be announced via a subsequent announcement, if necessary.

Please note — emergency grading applies to undergraduate students only. The Graduate School is presently reviewing this, and any updates will be noted within this document, which will also be posted on the University Registrar’s website.

How emergency grading will be applied to student records:

  • All courses will be graded with the standard grading scale for Spring 2020 (letter grades.) The deadline for grade submission is Tuesday, May 12, 2020, at noon. All grades are due at this time, and student records will reflect these updates in Banner Self Service by 8 a.m. Wednesday, May 13, 2020.
  • Beginning on May 13, 2020, and until June 30, 2020, students may elect to convert their grade to a Pass/Fail designation. Students will initiate that request with the University Registrar’s office. Additional details on this process will follow, as the technology piece is under development.
  • A Pass/Fail grade will not count toward the student’s GPA.
  • A passing grade will count for hours toward degree, hours in residence, senior college credits, and will fulfill prerequisite requirements where a grade is not indicated in the academic catalog.
  • Hours earned for a passing grade will continue to count toward the student’s overall hours. The student should check with their academic advisor to determine if there are any issues with a passing grade in academic programs where licensure is an outcome (i.e. teaching license).
  • Given this grading change for Spring 2020, Honor Roll, Dean’s List and Chancellor’s List will not be notated on student records.
  • Given this grading change for Spring 2020, Academic Standing will not be calculated. Student academic standing will be continued from Fall 2019.
  • East Carolina University will include a transcript note on all academic records, regardless of grading basis, notating the global public health emergency during Spring 2020.

Incomplete grades assigned prior to Spring 2020

  • Incomplete grades assigned prior to Spring 2020 and due to be completed during Spring 2020 are automatically granted an extension until Dec. 7, 2020. Faculty and students may continue to work together to resolve an incomplete grade, but if they are unable to due to the current situation, they do not need to request an extension of time — it has been automatically applied.
  • Any extension of time needed beyond Dec. 7, 2020, should be submitted to the University Registrar’s office via email from the faculty member to regis@ecu.edu.

Questions about the changes should be sent to the Registrar’s Office at regis@ecu.edu.