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Will ECU RAs, TAs and GAs continue to get paid?

Yes. ECU RAs, GAs and TAs will continue to get paid as usual.

Where possible, supervisors should work with students to maximize telework opportunities from home.

What if I feel sick or feel I have been exposed to coronavirus?

ECU recommends individuals consider self-quarantine, if exposed to someone with a known diagnosis and use discretion if they have traveled in an area with a documented outbreak. GAs, TAs and RAs who self-quarantine should communicate with their supervisors about working remotely during their period of quarantine.

What duties can TAs expect to perform?

Effective Monday, March 23, the university will transition to a system of alternative course delivery (for example, online, video, email-based or other forms of delivery). TAs should be directed by their departments and their course instructors as to how they will support alternative course delivery modes.

What if I am a TA in a campus-based laboratory course?

Please contact your faculty supervisor for an appropriate work assignment.

One of my students is scheduled to defend her dissertation next week. Is this still allowed or should we reschedule?

Faculty and students are encouraged to conduct thesis and dissertation defenses online using WebEx. If it is not feasible to conduct the defense online, social distancing should be considered when conducting in-person thesis and dissertation defense meetings.

Can students continue to do their research on-campus or at sites off-campus?

Yes, it is allowable if social distancing is possible and monitored. However, be aware that students may be leaving campus and accommodations may need to be granted. If research activities need to be postponed, then faculty advisors are encouraged to consider alternative options. Options may include readings, data analyses, written reports or further project planning. More detailed guidance regarding the continuity of research is forthcoming from Vice Chancellor Van Scott, Division of Research, Economic Development and Engagement.

-Dean of Graduate Studies Dr. Paul Gemperline