The Three Musketeers begins Tuesday

Follow along the journey of D’Artagnan, a young Gascon nobleman whose life dream is to be a musketeer, as he gets caught up in love, politics and international affairs in East Carolina University’s newest play, “The Three Musketeers.”

While D’Artagnan is striving to become a musketeer for the king of France, he meets and falls in love with the queen’s handmaiden Constance. Little does he know that he will soon be risking his life for his love for Constance, but also the secret love the queen has for the Duke of Buckingham.

ECU seniors and theatre arts majors Grant Vandervoort and Catie Griffin play the roles of D’Artagnan and Constance respectively. The lead roles find themselves in many heated situations trying to help the queen continue her closeted love affair with the duke as word of the affair soon gets into the wrong hands of Cardinal Richelieu.

“It’s the most stage-combat heavy show that they’ve done in at least 15 years,” Griffin said. She is also the fight captain for the show.

McGinnis Theatre
8 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday
2 p.m. Sunday matinee

$10 for students
$15 for the public
All ages welcome.

Rochefort, portrayed by Jayland Potts, and Milady, portrayed by Kelly Clare Toland, conspire.

Maury Allen Williams, Matt Donahue and Connor Gerney portray Porthos, Athos and Aramis.

John Carlson’s Monsieur de Treville kisses the ring of Blake West’s Cardinal Richelieu.

Richelieu is the king’s right-hand man and advisor who is mainly concerned with himself and the reputation of the king. When he finds out about the queen’s mischievous acts, he sets out to expose her to the king.

Tankards, swords, rope swings, firearms and water splashes all will be a part of this adventurous love story.

“It’s an action movie but on stage,” Griffin said.

Vandervoort says that this show has put his endurance to the test. “I’m screaming, jumping, fighting, rolling the whole time,” he said, “but this show has taught me a lot about listening and being present since I’m on stage most of the time.”

Both seniors are in the professional acting concentrations and have become close friends over the years.

“It’s been a real privilege to work with the people I love the most,” Griffin said.

Vandervoort and Griffin plan to move to Los Angeles after graduation to pursue their individual dreams in acting.

Madam Bonacieux, portrayed by Joyce Cooper, and Constance Bonacieux, portrayed by Catie Griffin, talk to Grant Vandervoort’s D’Artagnan about renting a room.