North Carolina Literary Review announces two new writing awards, accepting submissions

John Ehle (Courtesy of Press 53)

The North Carolina Literary Review is accepting submissions for two new writing awards that recognize forgotten or neglected writers from North Carolina.

The NCLR has established the Paul Green Prize and the John Ehle Prize. The winner of each award will receive a $250 honorarium.

“One of my missions as editor of NCLR has been to inspire renewed interest in neglected or forgotten writers from North Carolina,” said Dr. Margaret D. Bauer, editor of the NCLR. “I’ve encouraged scholarship on John Ehle and Paul Green, for example, and I am always excited to receive a submission on some other writer I’ve never heard of.”

The Paul Green Prize, sponsored by the Paul Green Foundation, is meant to inspire scholarship on the works of North Carolina’s preeminent playwright, author of “The Lost Colony.” The prize will honor the best Green-inspired content approved for publication in the NCLR. Submissions are being accepted through Aug. 1.

The John Ehle Prize is co-sponsored by Press 53 of Winston-Salem, which has published new editions of several of Ehle’s books over the past several years. NCLR’s Ehle Prize complements a goal of Press 53 editor Kevin Watson, who said, “After working closely with John Ehle these past 12 years, and knowing his contributions to not only literature but to education and the arts, it is my mission at Press 53 to ensure his books remain in print, so he is never forgotten.”

Ehle scholar and novelist Terry Roberts, and Ehle’s widow Rosemary Harris, have committed to helping Press 53 support the prize in subsequent years. The award will honor the author of the best paper on or interview with an often overlooked or forgotten writer accepted for publication in the NCLR. Submissions are being accepted through Aug. 31.

“Thinking of whom we might name a prize for to encourage submissions about a neglected writer from North Carolina’s past, John Ehle immediately came to mind,” Bauer said. “A writer so highly respected by readers and writers, educators and artists here in North Carolina, but whose work has not been given a lot of scholarly attention and thus is not so well know in academic circles as it should be – we at NCLR are doing what we can to rectify that, for him and writers like him.”

The two new prizes add to NCLR’s current list of prizes in fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction.

Bauer added that “introducing new writers is another important mission for us,” and she is seeking a sponsor to establish a third award to honor the best essay about or interview with a new writer published in the NCLR’s annual print issue.

For a complete list of guidelines for the new writing competitions, contact Bauer at, call 252-328-1537, or visit

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