Elliot Paul

Elliott Paul’s quiet demeanor masks an energy that keeps him busy at every turn.

For instance, he was at a conference in Virginia when his parents sent him an excited Snapchat video telling him he’d been accepted into the EC Scholars program at ECU.

Paul walked out of the building and found a bench where he could collect his thoughts. He soon recalled the work he’d put in to gain the achievement.

“All those hours of working on school, studying for standardized tests, filling out applications and writing essays were worth it,” he said.

EC Scholars is the most prestigious undergraduate award program offered at ECU. The four-year merit scholarship recognizes outstanding academic performance, commitment to community engagement and strong leadership skills. Recipients receive an Honors College scholarship for four years, along with a stipend for study abroad, for a total value of $62,000.

“Being an EC Scholar means that I am part of a community of hard-working, high-performing, selfless leaders with practiced character,” said Paul. “I hope to learn from these peers, and I believe I have a responsibility to conduct myself with these things in mind.”

Paul will enter ECU as an engineering major with a biomedical concentration. He chose ECU because the College of Engineering and Technology’s engineering department is small, yet strong. That will give him a chance to connect with faculty and students and take advantage of opportunities to grow as a student, professional and person.

As for the opportunity to study abroad, Paul says he’s leaning toward doing something in India or Africa.

But in the meantime, he’s is focused on what he plans to do at ECU.

“I’m looking forward to being part of the Every Nation Campus ministry, intramural sports teams and the EC Scholars class of 2022,” he said.

Before he starts classes in August, Paul plans to attend a leadership summit in Pennsylvania, a speech and debate national championship in Minnesota and serve as a summer camp counselor.

Paul says he plans to either continue his education after he graduates or will try to get work in industry. Either way, he’ll be a busy graduate for sure.

Paul is the son of Nancy and Ravi Paul. His older sister, Joanna, also was an EC Scholar.

“All those hours of working on school, studying for standardized tests, filling out applications and writing essays were worth it.”

High school:  Home Schooled

Intended major:  Engineering

Hometown: Greenville