Fall enrollment figures released

Fall semester enrollment at East Carolina University rose to 17,479 this year, up from 17,445 a year ago, according to preliminary figures. It was the first increase after three yeas of modest declines.

The figure includes 2,799 new freshmen and 1,077 new transfer students. Last fall’s totals in those categories were 2,642 new freshmen and 1,076 transfers.
Chancellor Richard Eakin said,”We are delighted that enrollment is moving up again. This fall’s numbers reflect not only the larger number of North Carolina high school graduates, but also the outstanding reputation that East Carolina has among those graduates.”

The student body this fall includes 14,363 undergraduates, 2,813 graduate students, and 303 medical students, compared with 14,343 undergraduates, 2,809 graduate students, and 294 medical students a year ago. There are 10,275 women and 7,204 men. In 1995, the numbers were 10,153 women and 7,292 men. This fall’s enrollment includes 1,882 African-Americans, up from 1,746 last year. The total also includes 15,167 North Carolina residents and 2,312 out-of-state students.